Sarathi Scheme UP| Apply Online Driving Licence

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Sarathi Scheme UP

Uttar Pradesh Transport Department will be launching “Sarathi Scheme UP” on January 1, 2018 to make online driving license in UP. Under UP Online Driving Licence, there will be no need to go to the office of the department, but it will be possible to get a driver driving license by applying from home. Departmental officials have started working on this scheme. There is facility of online application and fees for learning driving licenses in the department. 

Work has started to make more transparency in this arrangement of online licence process. The department is going to launch ‘Sarathi 4‘ scheme. Sarathi Scheme UP will provided facility of downloading forms along with application and fee for the license on the Sarthi portal of the department. Apart from this, after the application, he will be able to ensure the date according to his facility at the RTO office for the test. An SMS of this will also be available on their mobile number.

According to the officials, this system will work on the system for a few months after the launch of the Sarathi Scheme UP. After that, the learning driving license applicant will be able to apply application form from home and upload the signature and photograph for the application while sitting at home. They will be able to give online test from home and if they will pass online test then they can print out a learning driving license from their own printer.

After one month the applicant can come to RTO office for applying permanent Driving Licence. For permanent Driving Licence they have to pass fitness and physical test. If he passes here, he will be issued a regular driving license. The process of bringing transparency in the making of driving license. The next year, the ‘Sarathi Scheme UP can be launched.

Types of Driving Licence in UP:

  1. Light motor vehicles (passenger) that include cars, jeeps, delivery vans, autorickshaws and taxis
  2. Medium passenger vehicles such as larger commercial vehicles, tempos for passengers and minivans
  3. Heavy passenger motor vehicles include buses used for commercial transport
  4. Medium goods vehicles such as tempos and delivery trucks

Documents Required for UP Online Driving Learning Licence:

  • Aadhar Card
  • Votor Id
  • 10th Marksheet
  • Address Proof
  • Photograph in JPEG format
  • Scanned copy of Signature

Documents Required for UP Online Driving Permanent Licence:

  • Original learner’s licence
  • Application in Form No. 4
  • Driving certificate in Form 5 (in case of transport vehicle licence), from an approved training school
  • Three passport size photographs
  • Proof of residence (utility bills, lease/rent agreement)
  • Valid government ID proof (Voter’s ID, Pan card, Passport)

How to Apply UP Online Driving Licence:

  • The Uttar Pradesh RTO has an official website where individuals can apply for a licence online.
  • By visiting the e-services portal, the applicant can download Form 4, which is the application licence to drive.
  • The appropriate details have to be entered correctly in the form.
  • A few documents, serving as proof of identity and nationality of the applicant, as mentioned in the portal have to be uploaded.
  • Once all the instructions have been followed, the form has to be submitted.
  • A reference number will be generated, which has to be produced at the time of the competency test.
  • Some RTOs may also ask for a printout of the filled registration form.

Check Driving Licence Status UP:

  • An applicant can check the status of his driving licence in two ways – online or offline.
  • The online status can be checked by visiting the official portal of the Uttar Pradesh Zonal Transport Office.
  • The applicant can enter his name, reference number, date of application, and receipt number to see the exact status of the licence.
  • Another way to check is to visit the RTO where the applicant has given his competence test.

Making Corrections in the Driving Licence UP:

  • Filling the application form correctly is essential. However, in spite of the care taken, some mistakes may tend to occur, as the form moves to different departments.
  • Misspelled names and wrong addresses are some common errors that may occur.
  • In order to correct such mistakes the applicant has to collect and fill relevant applications, available at the RTO or online.
  • The concerned official will verify the corrections and on approval, the new licence with corrected details will be issued.
  • The licence can be collected on the same day from the office.
  • A small fee will be charged, based on the corrections.

Driving Licence Renewal UP:

  • Every driving licence, be it for private or commercial vehicle, has an expiry date, depending on the date of issue and licence holder’s age.
  • The normal validity for a licence is 20 years from the issuance date.
  • After the licence has expired, it has to be renewed within a month, in order to avoid penalty. An amount of Rs 250 is charged as renewal fee.
  • Here is a list of documents required for renewing the expired driving licence.

How to Apply Private Vehicle Licence UP:

  1. Form No. 9
  2. Original driving licence
  3. Three passport size photographs
  4. Age proof (any one of these – Aadhar Card, Birth Certificate, Passport, Voter’s ID)
  5. Form No. 1 i.e. self declaration of physical fitness
  6. Current residence proof (lease/rental agreement, passport, ration card, or utility bill)

How to Apply Commercial Vehicle Licence UP:

  1. All of the documents similar to private vehicle licence.
  2. Medical certificate in Form No. 1A. This certificate is mandatory for commercial category and has to be issued by an MBBS doctor
  3. Driver refreshing training certificate in case of heavy motor vehicle

Apply for Duplicate Driving Licence UP:

  • Duplicate licences can also be applied at the zonal office.
  • A valid reason has to be submitted to the issuing authority.
  • If the licence is lost or stolen, it has to be reported to the concerned authority or at a police station.
  • The complaint copy should be submitted at the RTO to get a duplicate copy of the driving licence.

The documents required to apply for a duplicate licence have been listed below:

  • Application Form along with copy of LLD
  • FIR or NCR of the lost/stolen license
  • Challan clearance report from Traffic Police (if it is a commercial driving license)
  • Self-declaration form of Physical Fitness Form 1
  • Residence proof


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